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heat up JE

a Johnny's Entertainment het fanwork comm

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heat UP JE ♥ because het is HOT.
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heat UP JE
Heat UP JE is a het (heterosexual) fanwork community owned and moderated by sireensilver.

Simple rules are simple!

Het pairings only. This community was created and is running for the purpose of JE het pairings, meaning heterosexual. So yes, it does mean a female partner.
That said, it's totally fine if slash pairings are included in the work; the point is that the het pairing has some significance in the post so that it can be appreciated in the community.
This is a JE comm, so unfortunately if your work doesn't significantly involve Johnny's talents then this isn't the place for it. (note: ex-Johnny's are allowed).

This is common sense. Play nice! The community is for you and everyone to enjoy. No bashing of characters, pairings, characterisation, etc. Respect each other, that's all. (Modly powers will be used if this rule is not followed.)
When posting, please be very aware if your work has anything that is not work-safe or appropriate for younger people. Use tags and cuts accordingly.
Liked what you saw/read? Leave a comment! This isn't really a rule, but as much as possible let it be encouraged to appreciate anything you like that has been posted. :D
Critique is welcome as well, just make sure that a) you know what you're talking about, and b) the person behind the work you are critiquing is looking for critique in the first place.

Remember to put all long content beneath a cut. Fake cuts (links) are allowed, but it would be nice if you mentioned it was so. :) For images, if it's only one (reasonably sized) picture then there is no need for a cut unless it has highly rated content. Otherwise, please have some discretion.
For fanfiction, please make sure your entry is labeled with at least:

*If you like, you can add a short summary, word count, genre, etc., but the ones listed above are the mandatory ones. Please do not make a post without labeling your entries properly!

Please tag your entries accordingly: the work (whether it is fanfiction or fanart etc), characters, pairing, and rating. Mod will happily accommodate if tags need to be added.
Also note that if you are writing for drama characters, simply use the tag of the actor/actress. Ex: if your fic is about Kurosagi and Tsurara of Kurosagi, please simply use the tags 'char: yamashita tomohisa', 'char: horikita maki', and 'pairing: yamapi/maki'. Then simply add drama name, 'dorama: kurosagi'.
If you would like to promote other (related) communities or memes, that's fine. :D There are tags for this. Just remember to put proper warnings about content if there are any.


And of course if anyone would like to pimp the community out, [banner to be available soon!]



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